About Us!

Paws and Boots, and a Guy is owned by Dawn and Diane who were college roommates and have remained great friends for 41 years! Dawn was in the pharmaceutical business, and Diane was in the telecommunications business. Dawn retired, and Diane was laid off (ended up to be the best day ever!). The opportunity to open a boutique came only a short time after both events. Dawn envisioned opening a store someday and loved the name Paws & Boots. The ‘and a Guy’ was added for our husbands, Tim and Ralph. We are unique because we have a men’s section in our boutique. Tim and Ralph are also an integral part of our business, doing everything from construction to cutting boxes and taking out the trash🙂

Paws & Boots, and a Guy's Brick and Mortar store was born in February of 2022 in Eureka, MO. We knew nothing about retail. We went to the apparel market in Dallas, bought everything we loved, and hoped everyone else did too! Thank God they did! So we continue our buying in this manner. We celebrated our second Birthday on 2/17/24 with a party for our customers! Best Day Ever! This website is an extension of our Brick and Mortar store.

We curate the best clothing products for our customers. We do an excellent job picking out the best-fitting and most unique jeans. We have become known for being able to fit anyone. We carry sizes 00-22. We are one of the few, if not the only boutique in our area, that cuts jeans for short girls and have learned how to re-fringe the bottom! This has set us apart from many other boutiques, and we have a lot of repeat customers because of it. If you are ever in the St. Louis area, come visit us to experience this first hand.

We also love to give back. We have adopted several organizations. We regularly donate clothing to The Women’s Safe House who are empowering women and families to rebuild their lives and The Center for Specialized Services that help people with disabilities lead productive lives. We also support local events such as the Harvest Moon Run Hunger Mission, The Believe in G foundation striving to find a Cure for SanFilippo Syndrome along with numerous local organizations throughout our community. For Animals, We support Second Chance Ranch which is a home for senior dogs and Pawz for a Cause which is a fundraiser for stray animals.

Making others happy is our daily goal! We strive to make people feel comfortable and welcome in our store. We want them to feel better when they walk out than when they walk in. This makes us both very 🙂 ! It led to us being known for happy faces 🙂 all over our County! We always have something in our boutique with a happy face; it portrays how we want others to feel! We strive to carry this over to our website… we truly want you to be happy 🙂!
Our Mission
Paws & Boots is built around style and beauty to make every woman have confidence in and be their true authentic self.

Fashion isn’t just fun; it should inspire confidence and help empower women to feel great! Paws & Boots strives to do our best in everything we purchase for our customers. We treasure our relationship with our employees and customers and always strive to build the most positive company culture. We strive to hire the best employees that work hard every day, are kind and responsive to customers and have fun. We have been so lucky to accomplish that mission🙂
We love hearing from you about what you love, what inspires you, what makes you feel confident, and more – you can always find us on Facebook at pawsandboots-eureka.com

Diane's Story

Here is Diane's beautiful family😍! I have been married for 38 years to Ralph and have 3 children (Jordan, Ben and Max and a daughter-in-law Addison and a son-in-law Trevor). These people are my world! New addition 6/23 - First Grandbaby Kendall. We call him "all of our" baby😍! We also have 2 fur babies Buddha and Frankie!

Dawn's Story

Here is Dawn’s family. I have been married to my husband Tim for 10 years. We actually met and dated 35 years ago. We both went in different directions and reunited in 2009. It was meant to be. We also have ‘what we call’ 4 children...2 boxers; Andy and Ellie and 2 Kitty’s; Quincy and Bootsy!